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Study Locations

When the Library is Standing Room Only…

uper-Secret Study Spots during Exam Week! Sshhh….

It’s Exam Week: Got Your Spot?

Find your Own Not-So-Secret Study Spot without Leaving Campus! 

Addlestone Library

Open 24 hours from November 25 - December 12.  The library will close at 8 pm on Wednesday, December 12th

Education Center Lobby

Open 24 hours through Wednesday, December 12th 

Stern Student Center

Tuesday, Dec. 4: 8am-2am

Wednesday, Dec. 5: 7am-2am

Thursday, Dec. 6: 7am-2am

Friday, Dec. 7: 7am-2am

Saturday, Dec. 8: 7am-10pm

Sunday, Dec. 9: 10am-2am

Monday, Dec. 10: 7am-2am

Tuesday, Dec. 11: 7am-12am

Wednesday, Dec. 12: 7am-8pm

Other On and Off Campus Suggestions

Center for Student Learning On and Off Campus Study Location List

Late Night Studying?? Don’t Walk Alone! Call the Cougar Shuttle!  888.960.2227  for a ride anywhere in downtown Charleston during fall and spring semesters!


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