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Study Locations

When the Library is Standing Room Only…

Super-Secret Study Spots during Exam Week! Sshhh….

It’s Exam Week: Got Your Spot?

Find your Own Not-So-Secret Study Spot without Leaving Campus! 

Addlestone Library

Open 24 hours from November 26 - December 13.  The library will close at 8 pm on Wednesday, December 13th

Stern Center

Tuesday, Dec. 5: 7am-2am

Wednesday, Dec. 6: 7am-2am

Thursday, Dec. 7: 7am-2am

Friday, Dec. 8: 7am-2am

Saturday, Dec. 9: 7am-10pm

Sunday, Dec. 10: 10am-2am

Monday, Dec. 11: 7am-2am

Tuesday, Dec. 12: 7am-Midnight

Wednesday, Dec. 13: 7am-8pm

Education Center Lobby

Open 24 hours through Wednesday, December 13th 

Other On and Off Campus Suggestions

Center for Student Learning On and Off Campus Study Location List

Late Night Studying?? Don’t Walk Alone! Call the Cougar Shuttle!  888.960.2227  for a ride anywhere in downtown Charleston during fall and spring semesters!


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