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Cougar Countdown Activities

Fall 2014 Calender

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Tuesday, 12/2 (Reading Day):

9:30-11:30 am Mini-Massages                                                      Stern Lobby

1-4 pm Ask a Prof!                                                                       Addlestone Library

1 pm Persimmon Café Study Break                                                Rivers Green    

4-9 pm  Peer Counseling Available                                                 Center for Student Learning                              

10:30 pm  Moonlight Breakfast                                                      Liberty Fresh Foods


Wednesday, 12/3:

7:45 am Coffee on the Green                                                          Rivers Green

10 am-12 Mini-Massages                                                                 Stern Lobby

11:00 am Yoga                                                                               Robert Scott Small 319

1-3 pm  Holiday on the Green                                                          Rivers Green

4-5 pm   Zumba                                                                             Johnson Center 201

4-8 pm Peer Counseling Available                                                    Center for Student Learning

5 pm Cougar Cookout                                                                      Rivers Green

7 pm Coffee Break                                                                           Center for Student Learning


Thursday, 12/4:

9:30-11:30 am Mini-Massages                                                   Stern Lobby

8-11:00 am Pancakes with the President                                     Rivers Green

1-3 pm  Style in the Stern                                                         Stern Center 201

2:00 pm Yoga                                                                           Robert Scott Small 319

4-9 pm  Peer Counseling Available                                              Center for Student Learning

7-7:50 pm Zumba                                                                     Johnson Center 201


Friday, 12/5:

7:45 am: Coffee at HarborWalk                                                    HarborWalk

7:30 am: Pop-Up Breakfast on the Green                                      Rivers Green

11:00 am: Yoga                                                                          Robert Scott Small 319

12-3 pm Puppies on the Green/Pets for Less Stress                        Rivers Green

12-3 pm Study Break                                                                   Rivers Green

12-1 pm Zumba                                                                          Johnson Center 201


Saturday, 12/6:

7:45 am Coffee on the Green                                                           Rivers Green

11 am-12 Zumba                                                                            Johnson Center 201


Sunday, 12/7:

3:30-4:30 Zumba                                                                            Johnson Center 201


Monday, 12/8:

7:45 am Coffee on the Green                                                             Rivers Green

10:00 am Study Break                                                                       Stern Lobby

2:00 pm: Yoga                                                                                  Robert Scott Small 319


Tuesday, 12/9:

7:45 am Coffee on the Green                                                          Rivers Green


Wednesday, 12/10:

7:45 am Coffee on the Green                                                           Rivers Green



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